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3-Step Process 

To Kick Melancholy & Bring Back Your Happy


Dorci Hill
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Date: Wednesday April 3, 2019
Time: 12noon CST (10am PST, 1PM EST)
What You Will Learn From This Presentation:
Secret #1: What 3 Areas must be Aligned for True Happiness
The Mind, Body, Spirit connection is more important than you think and are the most neglected in a wellness lifestyle.  Here you will learn how to reset for success!
Secret #2: 3 Most Common Mistakes Keeping You Stuck
Discover why previous systems didn't work for you, why you self-sabotage plays a part in keeping you stuck, and the importance of accountability to stay on track.
Secret #3: 3-Step Process for Implementing The 3 P's
How to implement Play, Purpose and Pleasure (the 3 P's) into your daily routine for a happy, healthy, vibrant lifestyle with simple steps to ensure your success!
Dorci Hill
Play Expert
About The Presenter:

Dorci Hill helps driven women reignite play, discover their true purpose so they live in their zone of genius, and create a pleasurable lifestyle while having it all!
As a heart-centered business woman, I know what it is like to create a mid-six figure business on my own and still have joy in my heart and a happy, healthy bounce to my step! I did it and so can you! You are not alone and don't have to take that first step without a guiding hand any longer.

I believe happy people make healthier choices and have way more fun along the way! That is my jam and I have dedicated my life to creating and spreading joy worldwide! I started with one simple step and now, it's your turn!
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